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AkTex Inc. – 12 months of steadfast work and a position among the “Great Three” of starting battery producers in Russia.

January 11, 2009

The year 2008 witnessed AkTex Inc. produce over 800 000 batteries, in a nut shell, an increase more than double compared to 2007. These results propelled the reaffirmation of this company’s position among the leaders of this industry. According to results published for 9 months of the year, AkTex Inc. even podiumed second in production volume. As for growth dynamics in 2008, Aktex is without doubt the leader among Russian battery producers.

The company has reestablished its positions within the retail market through its production of over 475 000 batteries for retail consumers. Aktex Inc. reasserted its brand reputation in September, when Aktex and Zver (trademarks used in Russia) performed successfully at the annual test review organized by Za rulem (At the Wheel) magazine(the most influential automotive magazine in Russia). Sixteen 60-ah batteries of russian and global origin were tested. Zver battery outshone as the only Russian storage battery as one of top five, among other four international leaders. It pinnacled in the company of grandees such as Varta, Medalist and Bosch. Актех also performed well in the Russian test segment, taking first place.

2008 was a prolific year with 325 000 batteries turned out for car producers. Besides deliveries to its traditional clients, AkTex supplied batteries to new auto manufacturers such as IzhAvto for Kia models, TAGAZ for Hyundai models and Sollers (Severstal-auto) for its Isuzu models. On top of that, AkTex has been actively developing relations with other world leading car makers and negotiating contracts for battery deliveries to Russian facilities of GM, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan and Fiat.

In 2008 the company continued its advancement in the export sector. April saw this ascend to a signed contract with a trading company from Egypt and deliveries to Yemen under a contract signed earlier in 2007. Shipments under this contract continued throughout the year.

In 2008 АкТех undertook progressive actions. In June 2008 the Company “landed its troops” in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) where it took part in the largest Middle East International Exhibition of auto components, AUTOMECHANIKA Middle East. In the same month the company participated in another specialized event, the International Exhibition of Batteries in Suchzhou (China). The most important event in the third quarter of 2008 was the company’s participation in the 20th anniversary of the international specialized exhibition of the motor industry; AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT 2008 in Germany. The Frankfurt exhibition completely justified AkTex expectations, hence during the six days; contacts with more than 200 potential partners from countries diverse as Europe, Middle East and Africa were established.

In 2009 the company is planning to consolidate its position within the Russian retail market. To achieve it, the company corporate strategy entails further development of the distribution system, product line expansion and quality enhancement measures. The company will continue progressive advancement within the global market, which, despite occurring global economic downturn, represents large opportunity. And, an always natural necessity, measures to further optimize the production system will be implemented. These are decisive key directions to allow the company to have in place structured and immediate answers to current and future challenges and to be one step ahead once both international and Russian economies begin their upturn.

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