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10 Years – Going Well!

April 13, 2009

Being the successor of the Svirsk factory "VostSibElement", a manufacturer with more than 70 years experience, AkTex, from its moment of creation back in 1999 has made huge leaps in modernization, becoming one of the most dynamically developing companies in automotive battery industry in Russia. When in 2000 automotive batteries from Svirsk came back into the market, very few people believed it would be possible for a former Soviet factory to recover and become a truly modern innovative manufacturer producing high quality products on a par with the best. An amalgamation of modern technologies, inherited long-term experience coupled with the company’s own know-how, have all resulted in the creation of batteries like AkTex and Zver (Beast), whose great reputation has been praised by experts, among which are the leading Russian editions like Za Rulem and Autoreview.

Since the first years of company establishment, AkTex Inc., in contrast to other major Rusian producers of the time, has been working on the trademark and design of batteries under the general motto “from a standard noname box to the brand”. Now brands "АКТЕХ", "ZVER" and “Orion” are widely presented in the markets of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. AkTex batteries are known abroad in Asia, Africa and of course Europe. During the ten years, the company repeatedly validated a standard of excellence and quality of its products, substantiated by both experts and consumers alike. Besides millions of car owners of Russia, as well as from countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Ukraine, among notable customers to mention are leading car makers: AutoVAZ, GAZ, UAZ, IzhAvto, GAZ, ТАGАZ as well Russian Federation Authorities such as the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Armored Car and Tank Agency (ACTA) of the MD and the Federal Guard Agency.

The powerful start in 1999 allowed the company to launch the new brand АkТЕХ countrywide in 2000. By close of 2002 AkTex became one of the top 3 companies in Russia to reach a volume output exceeding one million batteries per annum and subsequently ameliorated that by becoming the number 2 in 2003 with market share of 10 %. Following the 2004 price rise in lead, the company changed its strategy and concentrated on the secondary market, making an annual level of 500-600 thousand batteries. Following the results of 2008, AkTex recorded more than 800 thousand batteries produced, an increase almost twice the gain of 2007. These results have allowed the company yet again to take its place among the leaders in the industry and as for growth in dynamics; AkTex is the number one among Russian manufacturers of automotive batteries.

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