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17th International Independable Power Source Exhibition.

April 01, 2008

From the 24th-26th March, the industry exhibition Independable Power Source took place in Moscow.

    In Moscow on the 24th-26th March 2008, AKTEX Inc. participated in the 17th International specialized exhibition Independable Power Source, organized by the National Association of Battery Producers, Rusbat and the International Association Interbat. The event was held inside the Universal Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Government on Noviy Arbat Street. Gathered battery producers of lead-acid SLI, truck, stationary and alkaline batteries of all types plus galvanic cells and lithium batteries. Over fifty participants from Russia and the CIS amalgamated within the exhibition. Theses also included suppliers of equipment, materials and R&D companies while other countries presented their products and technologies. During the exhibition, presentations and scientific-practical round tables were held as well as an array of bilateral talks. Once again the exhibition confirmed its reputation as an efficient and effective tool for the industry and symbolized further development of the chemical power source industry in Russia and CIS.
Asian countries.
Company Profile
     Aktex Corporation is one of the leading SLI battery producers in Russia today. The company’s assets include several well-known Russian brands: AKTEX, ZVER and VSA. Since 2001 Aktex products have regularly been winning recipients in the awards; 100 Best Products of Russia and in 2003 ZVER received the award at the Russian Trademark contest. The retail market see’s the company’s products promoted through a network of official distributors operating throughout all regions of the country. Significant quantities of batteries are delivered within the CIS, (Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Ukraine). Aktex is an active participant in the OEM market. Among its client base are some of the largest Russian auto makers incorporating traditional full-scale car manufacturers as well as modern SKDs and CKDs. Theses include AutoVAZ, GAZ, IzhAUTO and UAZ. The company’s quality management system is certified according to ISO9001-2000. Since 2004 AKTEX proudly partakes in the collecting and recycling of scrap batteries whilst also producing secondary lead.

Source: AKTEX PR dept.

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