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Persons of AkTex.

October 08, 2015

Natalya V. Shangina – caster of plastics.

Natalya V. Shangina in 1982 graduated from Svirsk Electro-Mechanical College by specialty "Technology of Electrochemical Production" with qualification of technician – technologist. Production activities at the plant she began in 1981 during the practical training, at the end of the college in 1982, remained at the plant. Natalya V. Shangina started her career as electroplating, then setter. Since 1996, he has been working as caster of plastics. Repeatedly she was awarded as the best worker.

Andrey R. Madyarov, shop superintendent for the production of alloy and plastic products, says about his employee as follows:

"As an employee Natalya V. Shangina – a competent worker. She has extensive experience in this division and rich professional experience in the production of plastic products manufacturing. She is a mentor in training new employees. Pass on her knowledge to young people. For a long time she performed the duties of the master of gang which skillfully and competently organized the production of plastic products in her gang, properly permitted production and labor problems, conflicts. She is one of the leaders of the divisions in the stuff. To opinion of Natalya V. Shangina listen to not only new employees, but also employees have a long experience in the production of plastic products.

Natalya V. Shangina an active initiator and participant of cultural events of our company. In the team uses the deserved respect. Do not pass even the personal problems of any staff member divisions. Always ready to help with advice and personal contribution to the solution of any problem in the workplace, and in the personal lives of colleagues. "

We are proud of our employees, and we hope that in the future our team will be more such professionals as Natalia V. Shangina.

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