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Persons of AkTex.

November 18, 2015

Svetlana G. Nekrasova is a chief designer.

After graduation from the Irkutsk Polytechnical Institute with a degree in engineering, metal-cutting equipment and instruments in 1973 Svetlana Gimaturovna came to work at the plant "Vostsibelement" as a design engineer. In February 2002 she was appointed at the position of chief designer.

During 42 years of continuous working at the plant Svetlana Gimaturovna extended her knowledge and professional experience. All batteries were constructed from 44 to 225 Ah with the participation of Svetlana Gimaturovna. All tooling, accommodation plans and planning departments of the plant was designed by her. She also is the executor of the stele project which is performed as a cat battery that was set up at the entrance to the city Svirsk.

Colleagues say about Svetlana Gimaturovne as a good, responsive person. She always suited responsibly to workflows and actively participates in the life of the plant and the town.

For AkTex Svetlana Gimaturovna is a valuable employee at the plant.

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