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"AkTex" Ltd. is successfully certified by the supervisory audit for compliance with technical specification of the Quality Management System ISO / TS 16949.

December 14, 2015

On "AkTeh" Ltd. in the period from 7 to 10th Decemberheld the second supervisory audit of the quality management system (QMS). The supervisory audit of QMS was carried out by experts of the certification department "United Registrar of Systems Ltd." (United Kingdom), which is one of the leading international management system certification departments. The experts of "URS" studied the documents describing and supporting QMS action, processes and activities of the organization, including business planning, work with customers, design and development of new products, production, storage and sale of batteries, conducted staff survey on knowledge of the requirements of the standard and the importance of contribution to quality assurance of products. Experts monitored the operation of the system directly to the relevant departments.

The audit committee received a positive assessment of the "AkTex" activities in Management: responsibility and competence of staff, openness to stakeholders, praised the achievements and improvements that have taken place in the organization since the previous audit, including the growth of production and long-term plans for the future, the introduction and development of statistical process control methods, measurement systems analysis. Moreover, experts highly evaluated the work of analytical and testing laboratories. The conclusions reached as a result of inspections, once again confirmed the consistency of the organization units, providing high quality products and designed to fully meet the demands and goals. We would like to remind that the first QMS "AkTex" Ltd. confirmed compliance with ISO / TS 16949:2009 in 2013. In the near future on the existing company "AkTex" the system will make the adjustments associated with the release in 2015 of a new version of ISO 9001. This is a further confirmation of the fact that the integrated management system of "AkTex" is constantly evolving and improving.

The main task of "AkTex" is the creation of a competitive in terms of product quality, meeting the requirements and expectations of customers, both in the domestic and foreign market.

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