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AkTex proDVIZhENIE – February revolution!

March 03, 2017


Within the framework of the AkTex proDVIZhENIE program, from 24th to 27th February, 2017, at Abzakovo ski resort in the Republic of Bashkortostan, a dealer meeting was held, organized by the AkTex ltd. together with one of distributors OOO “AY RUS” where was presented new cases of the Asian battery line of AkTex factory (JIS standard). 80 participants from the North-Western, Ural, Southern, Volga and Siberian federal districts came to the meeting.

On the first day of the meeting, the training course "Plastic Expressiveness and Influence" was held by a coach Andrey Nianchuk. The participants did mimic exercises and prepared situational sketches.

On the second day, the participants of the rally needed to show one of the famous fairy tales through the means of pantomime. Also, the training program included several exercises to improve the oratory.


On the third day of the meeting, administrative fights took place. As part of the training, participants were given a controversial situation, during which, it was necessary to justify their point of view. The result of the dispute was decided by the jury in favor of the participant whose arguments were stronger. The winner of administrative fights was Ganeev Bulat Uralovich – IE Kislitsyn, Ufa. It was also given the opportunity to prove themselves not only in training, but also in sports. On the ski slopes there were competitions in the Slalom Giants for mountain skiing, the winner of which was Evgeniy Kutelev – representative of Tandem SK ltd., Murmansk

All the participants of the meeting were delighted with the events, they were charged with AkTex's positive energy and received a lot of useful information that will help them to further develop their business.

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