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European Meetings.

July 08, 2008

As a regular member, AKTEX Inc. took part in the Annual General Meeting and Forum of Eurobat Association.

The first summer month was marked with European meetings for Aktex. On June 18-19, the company participated in the annual member meeting of Eurobat Association, which unites the leading European battery manufacturers such as Varta, Exide, FIAMM, Saft and many others.
More than 70 representatives of member companies of the Association came to participate in such a significant event for European battery industry. The organizers try to hold the meetings at different places each year. This year they gathered the association members in Brussels, earlier it was Vienna, Nice and other European cities. Within the frames of the conference, which took place during the first day of the meeting, the participants discussed many vital topics and shared their experience with their colleagues. EVs and HEVs, that are rushing into our life and are already a common issue, being circulated in the car industry, were discussed there also. ALABC association presented its development – the unique lead-acid battery, features of that can be compared to NiMH batteries. Naturally, the delegates spent some time discussing the painful problem of 2007 - current battery cost evaluation. During the second day of the meeting, Eurobat Forum with the reports of the Association members on battery production innovations and waste recycling was held. Summarizing the results of the negotiations and meetings held during the conference, AKTEX considers them fruitful and effective. Particularly, AKTEX has got tentative agreements on cooperating in stationary battery production in Russia and company’s product distribution to Benelux countries. AKTEX obtained the membership in Association on June 5, 2003 at the similar meeting. The company was the first and remains the only Russian battery manufacturer with this status. This membership in the international Association can be considered as appreciation of competitiveness and market orientation of the company, which is in turn an indicator of admission of the change in Russian economic situation by foreign companies.

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