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…before 1991 — Soviet power.
Soviet Labour and Defence of USSR issue the decree on construction of a plant in the East of the country to produce galvanic batteries.
Svirsk Battery Plant VostSibElement is constructed in Siberia on the Angara River, 150 km from Lake Baikal.
BAS-80 galvanic battery production commences.
Leningrad Automotive Battery Plant is relocated to Svirsk to produce batteries for the Front.
Civilian production is resumed after the V-Day.
New galvanic battery line from Toshiba (Japan) is installed with the help of Japanese engineers.
New facility is constructed to produce silver-zink submarine batteries.

1991–1999 — Post-soviet turmoil.
Svirsk Battery Plant struggles to find its place in the new economy.
The facility is divided among three separate companies.
 Production is resumed in small quantities under various trademarks.

1999—... The new era of AKTEX!
 The new management team obtains ownership of the largest of Svirsk battery companies, renames it Akkumulatornie Tehnologi (AKTEX).
 Production is being restored on Exide equipment in the former silver-zinc battery facility.
AKTEX brand launched.
 Stable production achieved, first contract with AUTOVAZ.
 AKTEX brand launched nationwide.
 AKTEX batteries become winners of 100 Best products of Russia contest.
 Development of distribution network, further contracts with OEMs.
Certification of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000.
 AKTEX becomes the first Russian battery producer to obtain membership in EUROBAT.
 Deliveries to Kazakhstan and Belarus.
 New advanced battery developed with patented technology of SiO2 additive to active mass. Market under ZVER brand of premium batteries.
 AKTEX and ZVER receive the Russian Trademark contest awards.
 Acquisition/Merger with a former rival VostSibAkkumulator (VSA). As a result, AKTEX becomes the sole owner of the former Svirsk Battery Plant. VSA brand amalgamates into the portfolio.
 Lead-acid battery recycling facility constructed, named ECOLEADER.
 ZVER and AKTEX batteries again among the winners of 100 Best products of Russia contest.
 Sovema expanded metal equipment is installed.
 Development of battery scrap collection network all over Russia.
Product line increased to 200 Ah.
 Production of hybrid Ca+(Ca/Sb) and Ca/Ca batteries with ExMet technology is started.
 AKTEX and ZVER are among the winners of 100 Best products
of Russia contest for the third time.
Za Rulem (At The Wheel) magazine, the leading automotive user magazine in Russia, recognized AKTEX and ZVER as the Best Automotive Batteries in Russia. 
 Shipments to IzhAUTO  and TagAZ  .
 Export contracts to supply batteries beyond the former SU to Yemen Republic and Egypt.
AKTEX presents its products at AUTO-MECHANIKA MIddleEast (Dubai) and FRANKFURT.
 Shipments to SOLLERS (Severstal-).




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