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DUO EXTRA - advanced calcium maintenance-free

«DUO EXTRA» was developed according to CALCIUM ExMet technology (Expanded Metal) and is only available for the export market. This battery was first presented to consumers at Automechanika Middle East 2008 Exhibition (DUBAI, UAE), followed by the exhibition Automechanika 2008 (Frankfurt). This is the best choice for automobiles of D, E and F class.

1. TetraOxidePower Technology (TOP), used in the making of an active paste, increases its characteristics compared to a paste made from the powder produced by using traditional mechanical methods.

2. Double Calcium design with electrodes is made according with nibbling ExpandedMetal (ExMet) technology, provides improved corrosion resistance and noticeably reduces gas producing in the working state and self-discharge at rest. This battery can be stored in a warehouse / garage for a long time period (up to 1 year), without the need of recharging.

3. Developed jointly with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, patented SiO2-effect (silica additive SiO2 and nitronic fiber in the active paste) enhances the reliability of the electrodes and prevents shedding of the active paste what allows to improve traction battery characteristics. It provides more than 20% growth of the current of dry motoring and reduces the impact of low temperatures on the battery work in winter period.

4. Labyrinth lid design SMF provides the effective recombination of electrolyte vapors by the condensing effect on the sides of the labyrinth channels (similar to the condensation on windows), and actually prevents the "boil-off" obviating from the need to add water during the entire service life.

5. Built-in flame arresters into vents provide battery explosion safety.

6. The shockproof and cold-resistant case T-max is made of high quality imported Copolymer propylene from the world leading manufacturers.

7. The high-precision MagicEye indicator allows to control battery condition allowing users to rapidly react to its changes.

8. The casting of the electrodes is made according to the modern technology PowerPass.

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