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Brand Overview

AKTEX SOLO is a classic. It is an entry level battery designed with value in mind. It fits most existing vehicles, whatever the production year. AKTEX SOLO is especially useful for used cars and economy-based applications, when you just need to start the engine with no hassle. Classic design, proven low-maintenance technology with PowerPass and ChessPlate optimizations, accompanied with top-notch manufacturing quality provide an all-round good value product. Longer storage needs of fleet repair stocks are also addressed as it comes dry-charged. It has no climate limitations as it easily recovers after cold and lives long enough, provided adequate maintenance, which is quite a low price for better value.
AKTEX DUO is the new classic. Made with the world-standard Double Calcium technology, equipped with Double SMF lid and charge indicator, it is … well, itself a good example of a world standard battery. This means non-existent water loss, fast charge and premium manufacturing quality. Fit for moderate and hot climates, it also packs a punch in energy, so additional electronics and accessories such as air conditioner, above-average music system or GPS navigator are not a problem. Thus, it is a perfect partner for “nice-n-shiny” under-the-hood components of above-midsize and premium vehicles.
AKTEX Hi-BREED is a crossover, the "golden cut" of SLI battery. Combining the best of Calcium and Low-antimony technologies - called Calcium Plus Technology, it provides the universal solution for a wide range of applications and service conditions. It has a higher cranking capacity and longer lifecycle than conventional battery and generally requires no maintenance over lifecycle, but maintenance capability for those unusual cases is provided by design. Fitting for all climates, it performs especially well in harsh continental climates, both in cold and hot weather. And deeper than normal discharge is not a problem for Hi-BREED as it recovers quickly, so don't worry about your picnic music with the engine off.
AKTEX DUO EXTRA is the pinnacle of SLI battery technology. It covers the most demanding energy needs in “loaded” vehicles, giving the user no worries about the battery draining-out. Double Calcium technology and Double SMF lid make it the “perfect-fit” for hot tropical climates due to excellent water loss prevention capabilities. Long storage time allows keeping large inventories when needed without risk of losing battery charge. Aided by SiO2-effect additive that strengthens active paste, it provides a good deal extra reserve capacity besides excellent cold cranking power, so stuff your car with a “megawatt” music system with double subwoofer or a DVD-theater or GPS system or even a fridge with your favorite wine... it will keep them all running.

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