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AKTEX always strives to make products of the highest quality, which, being on par with some of the best world battery brands, has already been acknowledged by the CIS market .
AKTEX batteries have received numerous awards and recommendations from influential automotive user magazines in Russia such as «Za Rulem» (At the Wheel) and «AutoReview».
«AKTEX battery was the single best in reserve
capacity and -30C tests». Za Rulem magazine, April 2007
«Siberian battery AKTEX performed very well. In the freezer at –30°C it showed the longest reserve capacity. Our opinion: Well worth the money». Za Rulem magazine,
May 2006
«AKTEX battery handled the toughest challenge (-30C) better than most. At –18°С — among the winners too». Za Rulem magazine, April 2007
«Salesmen tried to «kill» AKTEX before we got it for tests, but in vain: after charge-up initial 40 min of reserve capacity jumped to 116! The battery withstood all we could throw at it — even dead-freezing cold». Za Rulem magazine, May 2006
«AKTEX — the only Russian battery to show outstanding performance during many month cycling test both within GOST standard limit, and well beyond». Za Rulem magazine, July 2006
«AKTEX batteries got «A»s at all tests. All three specimen passed low temperature tests well over margins — according to both Russian and European requirements.
After that all passed cycling tests without any problems». AutoReview magazine, 2002
Quality management system
AKTEX quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001. Following the increasing requirements of OEM customers, AKTEX is improving its quality management to get ISO 16949-2001 certification.
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
AKTEX batteries fully compy with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
The company received numerous awards at Exhibitions and Contests. AKTEX and ZVER batteries were awarded the title National Trademark 2003 and were among the winners of the national contest 100 Best products of Russia in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

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