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Hybrid battery «Crossfire» is created on basis of proven technologies used in the best practice AkTex batteries.

This storage battery ensures the stability of the electrical parameters during its maintenance.

In winter period the accumulator stands up well to deep discharges and is not afraid of the voltage drop in the automobile's electrical system, it also has a smooth and quick electrical flow to provide stable starting power at the best price for our consumers.

1. Plates are made according to ChessPlate technology (wires are set on a surface in staggered order for better attachment of the active paste), thereby reducing shedding of the active paste and enhances reliability.

2. Calcium design with negative electrodes is made according with nibbling ExpandedMetal (ExMet) technology, provides improved corrosion resistance and noticeably reduces gas producing in the working state and self-discharge at rest. This battery can be stored in a warehouse / garage for a long time period (up to 1 year), without the need of recharging.

3. TetraOxidePower Technology (TOP), used in the making of an active paste, increases its characteristics compared to a paste made from the powder produced by using traditional mechanical methods.

4. The casting of the electrodes is made according to the modern technology PowerPass.

5. The shockproof and cold-resistant case T-max.

6. In the process of assembling is used high quality envelope-separators produced by the best world manufactures that allows to prevent short-circuit.

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