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In the production of batteries "Smart Element" is used modern technology that can increase performance in terms of reliability and service capabilities.

Batteries of this class best show themselves in very cruel weather conditions and cold climate, where restorability after a deep discharge is the most important.

1. TetraOxidePower Technology (TOP), used in the making of an active paste, increases its characteristics compared to a paste made from the powder produced by using traditional mechanical methods.

2. The nibbling technology ExpandedMetal (ExMet) used with producing of storage batteries with capacity of 55-90 Ah provides low self-discharge and absence of "boiling-off".

3. Polyethylene envelope-separator is one of the most important components of the battery. PE envelope enhances the reliability of the battery and prevents a short circuit in case of excessive sulphation.

4. The casting of the electrodes is made according to the modern technology PowerPass.

5. Plates are made according to ChessPlate technology (wires are set on a surface in staggered order for better attachment of the active paste), thereby reducing shedding of the active paste and enhances reliability.

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